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Summer Inspirations

July 11, 2017
HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Inspirations

Ah, summer. The season we all unanimously look forward to. Sunshine, ice cream, less clothing, more time outside. What’s not to love? Summer for me always holds excitement for adventure and new experiences. The world is alive and buzzing and one can’t help but want to be a part of everything at once. Maybe it goes back to the freedom of childhood, with no cares in the world—running about outside picking flowers, playing games with friends until the sun goes down. But whatever it is, there is nothing quite like it.
HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Inspirations HANNAH SHELBY: Summer InspirationsHANNAH SHELBY: Summer Inspirations Continue Reading…


Winter Inspirations

January 16, 2017
HANNAH SHELBY: Winter Inspirations

There’s no way around it, the winter season is in full effect.

It’s not all bad—there are many things to love about this time of year: bundling up inside with the ones you love, binging on Netflix, cozy sweaters, the crisp white snow, and of course the magical holidays. But if you’re anything like myself and many others, now that the holidays are over, winter can start to feel overwhelmingly dark and cold. When it seems like the season might never end, one thing I find therapeutic is a nice trip into the Pinterest vortex for some much needed inspiration. So in the spirit of being an overly zealous image enthusiast, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite winter-inspired photos that remind me of the best bits of the season. And hopefully they will help you feel a bit more excited too, as we hold our breathe for the arrival of spring.

HANNAH SHELBY: Winter Inspirations HANNAH SHELBY: Winter Inspirations HANNAH SHELBY: Winter Inspirations HANNAH SHELBY: Winter Inspirations Continue Reading…