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A Surreal Paradise: Seychelles Packing Inspiration

August 11, 2017

I remember the first picture I saw of the Seychelles, in disbelief at the site of volcanic boulders jetting up from the white sands and turquoise sea, like nothing I had ever seen before. A chain of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles look almost surreal—reminiscent of Jurassic Park meets Robinson Crusoe. In addition to the many beaches, Seychelles has countless activities to offer, including boating excursions to more remote islands, snorkeling the coral reefs, hiking trails, biking, quaint villages, rainforest exploration, vanilla plantations, tea farms, a local rum distillery, and so much more. Continue Reading…


Out of Africa: Safari Packing Inspiration

August 1, 2017
Hannah Shelby: Hotel Lust: andBeyond Kichwa Tembo

One month from today we’re heading to the Masai Mara in Kenya for our first Safari. I remember watching The Lion King when I was just a little girl and being completely captivated. The opening scene where all the animals come together at Pride Rock for the reveal of baby Simba gives me goosebumps to this day. And I would be lying if I didn’t admit our upcoming trip to the Mara still doesn’t feel real. Going on Safari has always felt a little bit out of reach, and it wasn’t until doing some pretty serious research that all the pieces fell into place. Which just goes to show that nothing is impossible if you really put your mind to it!

The Mara has a pretty temperate climate, with September falling at the end of the dry “winter” season. Early morning game drives begin a bit chilly and quickly warm up with the arrival of the sun. Daytime sees temperature suitable for shorts and even a swim or sun lounging in your time between game drives. And once the sun sets and night falls over the savanna, a bit of a chill returns to the air. Easy natural fabrics in neutral colors work great for layering during the day. And I love a good midi wrap dress with sleeves for temperatures that aren’t quite warm but aren’t quite cold either—perfect for enjoying those iconic safari sundowner cocktails. Continue Reading…


Summer Dress Edit

July 26, 2017
HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide

Summer may be well underway, but there are still 57 days remaining in this grand season and I plan to enjoy every last bit until the very end. Chicago winters are long and cold and if you can call it a silver lining, the harsh chill at least provides an extra appreciation for the days when the whole city seems to be outside, enjoying the parks, lakefront, and the hundreds of outdoor patios sprinkled around the city. Below are a few of my favorite easy dresses perfect for enjoying those sun rays while they last.


The print of the season, gingham always has a way of looking sharp and fresh.

HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Dress EditASOS Tie Front Gingham Dress

HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Dress EditFree People Gingham Wrap Dress

HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Dress EditASOS Gingham Off The Shoulder Dress Continue Reading…


Wedding Guest Style Guide

June 5, 2017
HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style Guide

Wedding season is here, the exciting time of year when your calendar is dotted with rehearsals and ceremonies, reconnecting you with old friends and family you haven’t seen in years, and introducing you to the friends of friends you’ve heard so much about. And while the open bar and wedding cake aren’t to be dismissed, there’s nothing quite as special as witnessing two people promise forever to one another and being a part of celebrating that love. This also means it’s time to either dust off the old frocks, or invest in some new stunners. If you’re more inclined for the latter, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite dresses this season perfect for twirling the night away in stilettos or dancing barefoot on the beach.

Vineyard Wedding

The great outdoors and an abundance of wine, everyone loves a good celebration amongst the vines. A floral number is just the right amount of romantic and elegant while still feeling organic and not overdone.

HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style Guide Giambattista Valli

HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style GuideStone Cold Fox

HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style GuideRealisation Par

HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style GuideASOS

HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style GuideSteele

HANNAH SHELBY: Wedding Guest Style GuideReformation Continue Reading…


Spring in Charleston

April 24, 2017
HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide

A spring-time getaway to the south has been on my bucket list ever since my romantic side fell in love with The Notebook (albeit mostly Ryan Gosling IN The Notebook, but wasn’t that all of us?) Between the beautiful old buildings, delicious food, and warm weather, it felt like the perfect location to celebrate our 1 year anniversary—a long weekend filled with all that Charleston and its famous southern hospitality has to offer.

While we weren’t able to stay at Zero George Street since our dog Louis joined us on the trip, we did have a chance to explore the hotel and spend some time there. Nicely situated off the more touristy Meeting and King Streets, but still close enough to walk to all the main sites of downtown, Zero George is a group of perfectly appointed buildings dating back to 1804 restored in the most charming manner. Immaculately landscaped courtyards, sprawling porches, award-winning cuisine, and even a cooking school, Zero George really has it all. And not to mention complimentary bikes available for use, which are the perfect way to explore the city.

HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide HANNAH SHELBY: Charleston Travel Guide Continue Reading…