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Dressing the Bump

August 21, 2018
HANNAH SHELBY: Dressing the Bump

As soon as I saw that “+” sign on our pregnancy test, the state of my closet and what I’d be able to wear with a baby bump in the upcoming months was among the many thoughts racing through my head. But the great news is, sticking to certain styles or making small sizing tweaks opens up a huge amount of options far beyond your typical maternity clothing. I found I had way more options than I thought already in my closet, especially for early on before the belly gets too big.

Below I’ve put together what I think are the best dress styles for pregnancy that have worked really well for me over the past 7 months.

Wrap Dresses

This is a great style that gives you that little extra room necessary in the first and second trimesters. You can also buy in a few sizes up to fit better over that growing bump once you reach the end of your second trimester and into your third.

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Flowy Fit

Practically made for baby bellies, there are so many non-maternity dresses that fall in this category. A flowy dress will keep you super comfortable along the way and still look great once your pregnancy is over.

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Fitted Knit

No better way to show off that baby bump than with a fitted knit dress. The stretch allows for lots of room for that growing belly and keeps things super comfortable.

HANNAH SHELBY: Dressing the Bump(30 weeks)HANNAH SHELBY: Dressing the Bump(Reformation)HANNAH SHELBY: Dressing the Bump(Enza Costa)HANNAH SHELBY: Dressing the Bump(Mango)



3 Summer Trends to Love

April 19, 2018
HANNAH SHELBY: Spring Trends To Love

Summer is right around the corner—backyard BBQs, weddings, strolls in the park and nights spent relaxing on the porch. Ah, yes. There is absolutely nothing quite like summer. This year in keeping with tradition, we are kicking off the summer season with our annual trip to Northern Michigan, and it can’t come quick enough. In the meantime, here are a few looks I’m eying for all the months of sun ahead.


About as summer as it gets if you ask me. I’m loving all things smocked—crop tops, dresses, and yes, even swimwear! Such a beautiful and intricate detail added to the perfect whispy, breezy summer cottons. Solids, stripes, gingham, florals—you’ll find everything looks good with a little smocking.

HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: Spring Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: Spring Trends To Love




Lace, ruffles, that classic high neck…this tends to be a perennial favorite of mine. The classic white combo with denim can’t be beat, or on its own in dress form. Easy to dress up or keep casual.

HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To Love HANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To Love HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To Love HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To Love HANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To Love



Nothing makes me think of a romantic, european summer more than that perfect floral print. Paired with an espadrille or sandal and woven bag, and voila—meet your summer uniform.

HANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: 3 Spring Trends To LoveHANNAH SHELBY: Summer Trends To Love HANNAH SHELBY: Spring Trends To Love



Winter in New Orleans | February 2018

March 12, 2018
HANNAH SHELBY: Snapshots from New Orleans

February has always felt like the month where I’m really beginning to lose my patience for winter. The holidays are long gone, and it feels like eternity since 90% of my skin has seen the light of day. While not always possible, one of the best ways to remedy this lack of seasonal enthusiasm is to pack up and head for a warmer climate. We did just that in early February with a trip to New Orleans, and it made for a nice little break from the Chicago winter. The 60 degree temps didn’t quiet call for swimwear and cutoffs, but still a big improvement from the frigid Windy City.

New Orleans is without a doubt one of the most fun and unique cities in the states, with beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and a celebration all its own: Marti Gras. And while I’m not exactly a Bourbon Street kind of girl, it was fun to be in the city during this holiday season. Seeing all the decorations, partaking in a little parade action, and of course indulging in some beloved King Cake made for an entirely different vibe than previous trips to The Big Easy.

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Snapshots from Tulum | October 2017

January 24, 2018
HANNAH SHELBY: Snapshots from Tulum 2017

Our time was short and sweet on our third trip to Tulum, with only a couple days in paradise before heading to Merida for our friends wedding. But if you ask me, any amount of time in Tulum is well worth it. Our previous two trips took place in March and April, considered as the “high season” compared to the slower pace of October. With the ever growing popularity of Tulum, this was a nice change and kept things very relaxing. There’s just something about this little town that pulls you in. The thought and creativity put into each boutique hotel, restaurant and shop—combined with the pure natural beauty of the place—make it irresistible.

We stayed at the unassuming but very charming Playa Canek, located at km 7.5 within easy walking distance to some of our favorite spots: Sanara, La Zebra, Gitano, Casa Banana and Hartwood.

HANNAH SHELBY: Snapshots from Tulum 2017HANNAH SHELBY: Snapshots from Tulum 2017HANNAH SHELBY: Snapshots from Tulum 2017

This time around we spent a day eating and lounging around Nomade. You can’t beat the perfectly laid-back vibe of the beachside restaurant—sitting on pillows and Persian rugs at low to the ground tables right on the sand. Plus, the food feels light and healthy and the drinks perfectly refreshing, so you don’t feel so bad eating and drinking all day long. The whole place has such a cool community feel, with lots of beach beds and hammocks scattered about. It was a great way to spend a day and Nomade is definitely on our short list for places to stay next time we visit.

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Mérida, Mexico | The Gem of the Yucatán

January 18, 2018
HANNAH SHELBY: Merida Mexico Travel Guide

My love affair with Mexico runs deep. The more I visit this beautiful country, the more that love grows. In October we had the chance to return to Mexico with a short stop in Tulum followed by a few days in the colonial city of Mérida. This trip was centered around our friends wedding celebration at Hacienda Sac Chich, located 40 mins outside the city, and was the perfect opportunity to visit this buzzy city that’s long been on my bucketlist.

Mérida, the capitol city of the Yucatán, is artsy with European-influenced colonial architecture and a lively food scene. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Mérida was said to house more millionaires than any other place in the world. Today, it has become a popular refuge for the modern day creative class looking for an inexpensive place to call home—and its easy to see why. The architecture around the city still echoes the past’s glitz and glamour. And the real estate is extremely inexpensive—we’re talking what would be million dollar homes back in the states for $200,000. I imagine if you had time to sink into the city and explore all the lesser known bits, you would really uncover that allure. A bit of grit, a bit of free-spirited bohemia, and a bit of enchantment all wrapped into one.

With so many beautiful homes and boutique hotels, choosing a place to stay can be tough. We landed on the modern Casa del Limonero, a two bedroom home with soaring ceilings and a unique layout complete with an outdoor courtyard + pool. Casa del Limonero is located in the Santiago neighborhood, within close proximity to some of the cities best restaurants and parks.

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